Comment on The IPO Markets - Part 1

Renu Bala commented on 25 Jun 2016, 10:30 AM

Hi, Karthik, Thanks for writing this wonderful article. Kudos to your team efforts behind this all. I have been searching this kind of information all over the internet and nvr evr able to find. But finally, my search ended. Great Great Great Thanks !!! Really appreciate your effort.

I have one query. As you have mentioned in the article, promoter retains 40% of the shares and the two angels get 5% each and the company retains 50% of the shares. Can you please elaborate the total 5cr cash divided into promoter and angles?. As per math, it is 2cr and 25lakh each fr angel. So where is the remaining 2.5cr cash?? is it in reserves and surplus ? … Also how promoters and angles arrive at 40% and 5% number?? How much promoter and angles have invested initially ?? ..

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