Comment on Taxation for Investors

SP commented on 14 Apr 2016, 01:57 PM

How is STCG calculated in below case: reliance inds bought 100 shares @ Rs. 920 on 12-02-2016. Again bought 50 shares of reliance Inds @ Rs.940 on 15-02-16. Again bought 50 shares @ Rs.950 on 26-02-2016. On 10-03-2016 done intraday in Reliance by selling 50 shares @ Rs.1020 and buying 50 reliance shares @ 1035. How is the sold quantiy on 10-03-2016 treated on basis of STCG. Is the intraday acitivity not considered for STCG as it is speculative acitivity but the same shares are with us in Demat account so net delivery is considered. Should the sold 50 quantities be sold on basis of FIFO for STCG bought on 12-02-16. Please clarify

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