Comment on Getting Started with Candlesticks

RK kumar commented on 07 Feb 2016, 02:31 PM

Another important aspect of our stock market is f&o positions especially the outlook of those who written it…for instance,take Infosys,in January it announced stellar result,stock rallied from 1085 to 1130 on result day,even after the result which surprised street and analyst alike did not move up,not even closed above 1040 once on entire 14 days of trading in January post q3 result but as soon as Jan expiry over it moved to 1064 next day in 2 days it reached 1090 now hovering around 1070/1080 range…if there is something significant it was unraveled in result but then it did not move now it is flying ….In such conditions really doubt any such thing called fa and TA or only the positions in options by the Biggie’s is more important???
Hope you will give a reply encompasses all the factors influencing Indian stock market…Thanks…

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