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30 Dec 2016 December expiry commodities which will not be available for trading after 6.35 PM today (30/12/2016)

Please note that Alumini, Aluminium, Nickel, Nickel Mini, Lead, Lead Mini, Zinc and Zinc Mini December 2016 contracts will not be available for futures trading after 6.35 PM today (30/12/2016) as the due date rates will be announced. Post 6:35 PM margins will remain blocked for any open positions till market close and will be settled at DDR price post 11:55 PM.

Also note that Gold Mini contract expiring on 5th January 2017 is a compulsory delivery contract. Close any open positions for the same before 11:30 PM today (30th Dec 2016) failing which Admin will square off the position to avoid physical delivery.