• Zerodha – your tax aide while you trade
      Zerodha – your tax aide while you trade

      Traders, Taxation is an often neglected aspect especially more for people who trade/invest on the capital markets. With the income tax department getting access to your trading data from the ...

    • EAs for auto buy/sell signals – Pi
      EAs for auto buy/sell signals – Pi

      Traders, EAs or Expert Advisors as they are popularly known especially in the meta trader community are programs that allow automation of analytic processes. What this means is that you can ...

    • Tax loss harvesting
      Tax loss harvesting

      Traders, FY 2014/15 has been a great year  for the markets with over 30% increase in the benchmark Nifty index. There have been stocks that have been multi-baggers and there ...

    • User Settings – Pi
      User Settings – Pi

      Traders, For User Settings, use the shortcut key Ctrl+P or just click on View -> User Settings. General On General settings, you have an option to choose how long each session ...

    • Market Watch & Trading Screen
      Market Watch & Trading Screen

      Traders, Adding stocks/indices to the Marketwatch Use the dropdown to add any stock/contract you wish. To add an index on the marketwatch, select indices in the dropdown. Once the index ...

    • Charting – Pi
      Charting – Pi

      Traders, Advanced charting without any cost for data is one of the big pluses of Pi. We have 10 chart types with over 80 indicators. Over the last few months, our ...

    • NRI trading on Indian Stock Exchanges
      NRI trading on Indian Stock Exchanges

      Dear fellow NRI Investor/Trader, Here is our effort to simplify what goes into opening an NRI trading and demat account for investing in the Indian Stock Exchanges. Open an NRE/NRO ...

    • Shortcut keys – Pi
      Shortcut keys – Pi

      Shortcuts keys on Pi Functionality Shortcut Keys Change Password Ctrl+Shift+F9 Exit Alt+F4 Buy Order F1 or Alt+F1 Sell Order F2 or Alt+F2 Cover Order Buy Shift+F1 Cover Order Sell Shift+F2 After ...