• Tax loss harvesting
      Tax loss harvesting

      Traders, FY 2014/15 has been a great year  for the markets with over 30% increase in the benchmark Nifty index. There have been stocks that have been multi-baggers and there ...

    • NRI trading on Indian Stock Exchanges
      NRI trading on Indian Stock Exchanges

      Dear fellow NRI Investor/Trader, Here is our effort to simplify what goes into opening an NRI trading and demat account for investing in the Indian Stock Exchanges. Open an NRE/NRO ...

    • Varsity March 2015 update
      Varsity March 2015 update

      Fellow Traders & Investors, Greetings from Varsity@Zerodha! We are happy to inform you that the module on Futures is finally done. The futures module consumed a little more time than what ...

    • Pie chart on Q for quick Overview
      Pie chart on Q for quick Overview

      Traders, You would see a pie chart like below when logged into your Q. The chart gives you a quick overview of the value of your equity and commodity accounts with ...

    • Introducing ATMA
      Introducing ATMA

      Traders, Over the years, we have constantly through our various initiatives like ZConnect, Trading Q&A, and Varsity, tried to share knowledge, and help grow the Indian Trading and Investing community. ...

    • Pi Bridge for Amibroker
      Pi Bridge for Amibroker

      Traders, We have almost 5000 people on the final beta of our new trading platform “Pi”. I believe that by the time we have the production release, we will hopefully, ...

    • Pi – Final Beta Release
      Pi – Final Beta Release

      Traders, We had over 1000 people test Pi over two months in October/November. We took suggestions and feedback and today launched the final “beta” release of Pi. This was released ...

    • Varsity@Zerodha – December Update
      Varsity@Zerodha – December Update

      Fellow Traders & Investors, Greetings from Varsity@Zerodha, It has been a month since “Varsity@Zerodha” – our online ‘Market Finance’ education initiative went live. The journey so far has been quite overwhelming; ...

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